Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Technology and International Development Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Technology and International Development - Essay Example Charles T. Hyte was an elementary school teacher at Lost Creek School before he became the head of Booker T. Washington Junior High School up to his demise in 1941 (Hyte Center para.2). Hyte was an exemplary educator to the youth during his time and managed to become a mentor to many youth in Vigo County, thus, this organization evolved from helping and empowering the youth to its current status of assisting the entire society. Based on works of Hyte, the organization strives to encourage the youth to focus on academic excellence with athletic participation as a supplement or an addition. In order to achieve this mission, the Center offers the following programs for youth and the families: Youth Leadership Academy that is open to all youth between 10 and 14 years. Its aim is to improve lives of youth by helping them in achieving academic excellence, creativity, prevention of substance abuse, time management, fitness, and conflict resolution (Hyte Center para.4). Secondly, Hyte Center after School Program offers tutorial assistance, test preparation, and time management skills. Additionally, other programs include African Festival, Open Gym, Fall Festival, and Lunch on Us. Lastly, it also acts as a host to some community programs including WIC, which is nutritional program for children between 0-5 years and their mothers, Well Child Clinic, Mentor Mothers Program, and NAACP. Initially the Center was established to cater for need of youth but over the time it changed its purpose to encompass nurturing and promoting educational, cultural, and recreational well-being of people of Terre Haute, Indiana by 1965 (Weinbaum, 1981). Following these changes, apart from youth programs, the Center is currently involved in more than twenty services including tutoring services, meal programs, legal aid services, and medical and referral services. Initially, the Center relied on grants from City of Terre Haute authority and well-wishers. For instance, Hyte Center Boosters Club that was formed in 1950s by Center’s teenagers has been raising funds for the Center. This was followed by Mother Booster Club in 1960s. United Fund charitable organization has been among the contributors to the center’s initiative. More so, the Coalition Board, which is composed of organizations that benefit or support Hyte Center, contributes generously to Center’s initiatives. They achieve these mainly through joint fund raising events. Additionally, the Good Neighbor Housing Improvement Association and the Young Adults for a Better Black Community are also among the major contributors to the Center’s programs. The center also receives many grants from the federal government (Taft Group, 1998). For example, the $500000 grant towards construction of the new Hyte Center it was granted by the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development in 1970. During the volunteer period, we worked with the Hyte Center after School Program where were mainly focus ing on offering students tutorial assistance in areas of mathematics, science and English. This role also involved coaching pupils on ways of preparing for exams and time management skills. Moreover, we gave the students a counseling session to assist them in decision-making, self-advocacy, self-awareness, and stress management. Additionally, we coached students on how to

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