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Transgender People Should Be Allowed The Same Basic Human...

â€Å"This is reality for us, and all we ask for is acceptance and validation for what we say that we are. It s a basic human right† (Andreja Pejic, 2014). This is what transgender people strive for, basic human rights. Having the ability to use the bathroom of the gender that they identify with should be one of those rights. However, many people focus on the negatives rather than the benefits such a policy could bring. In turn many people’s first thoughts on this issue go straight to bathrooms becoming unsafe. Though, in reality, transgender people choosing the bathroom they identify with won t affect the safety of other people. Not only that but, protesting this policy is equivalent to recessing into segregation. Transgender people should be allowed the same basic rights and equality as everyone else. To use the bathroom that is associated with the gender that they identify as is a basic human right that should be given to them. This right is being denied due to the outrage many people experience when thinking of someone of the opposite gender walking into their bathroom. Just because others are not comfortable with someone that Is different than them, does not mean they should deny them access to their rights. Some people worry that the transgender people will be attracted to people in the bathrooms. For example, some think that if a male who identifies as a female was to go in a female bathroom, they would be attracted to the females and that would make things unsafe.Show MoreRelatedThe Psychological Factors Of The Bathroom Bill1279 Words   |  6 Pagesbill,† they passed March 23rd of 2016. The particular bill requires transgender people to use the restroom of the gender assigned to them at birth. It also â€Å"banned any minimum-wage increases or anti-discrimination statutes local governments might pass† (McCLELLAND 40). Not only did this aggravate the LGBT community, it has agitated many of their supporters, specially celebrities. The bill has caused a media firestorm, so many people are protesting within and without North Carolina’s state lines. RegardlessRead MoreThe Bathroom Bill Should Not Be A Federally Mandated Law1496 Words   |  6 PagesThis month will make a year that everyone has kept their eye out on North Carolina due to the House Bill 2, also known as the â€Å"bathroom bill,† they passed March 23rd of 2016. This particular bill requires Transgender people to use the restroom of the gender assigned to them at birth. It also â€Å"banned any minimum-wage increases or anti-discrimination statutes local governments might pass† (McCLELLAND 40). Not only did this aggravate the LGBT community, it has agitated many of th eir supporters, speciallyRead MoreTransgender Discrimination1615 Words   |  7 PagesDiscrimination of Transsexuals For many years, members of the gay, lesbian and transgender communities have been persecuted because of their sexual orientation. The group that will be the focused on in this essay is transsexuals. Transgender is a term that describes transvestites and transsexuals, which is gender identification not sexual orientation. Transgender are individuals whose gender identities or gender expressions contrast with traditional social norms and expectations. Gender identityRead More15th Amendment Dbq Essay1392 Words   |  6 Pagesgranted African American men the right to vote by declaring that the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude.† (15th Amendment). The next major act that was made to help out was The Civil Rights of 1964. â€Å"The civil rights movement deeply affected American society. Among its most important achievements were two major civil rights laws passed by Congress. These lawsRead MoreGender Discrimination And The Transgender Community1600 Words   |  7 Pageswhat an individual should and must adhere to. How one should dress, speak, express themselves, etc. Dalton Conley explains that gender â€Å"[Is] a collectively defined guidebook that humans use to make distinctions among themselves, to separate one being from another, and to comprehend an otherwise fuzzy mass of individuals.† (279) However, when this â€Å"collectively defined guidebook† is mildly altered, many individuals are confused and respond negatively towards these changes. Transgenders are individualsRead MoreThe Loving Story By Writers Nancy Buirski And Susie Ruth Powell928 Words   |  4 Pagestheir rights to be married and live together. Today, that struggle to fight for human rights has veered towards the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender LGBT community. Do the LGBT community have the same basic human rights as inte rracial couples? Well, according to the universal declaration of human rights; every human is free and equal and are all born free also these rights belong to everybody, no matter their Wilson 2 differences. Therefore, same-sex marriages deserves the same basic humanRead MoreGay Marriage Should Be Legal1205 Words   |  5 Pages1301-93431 Gay Marriage Getting married is something that most people do when they find love, which it is an important event in their life. The GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender) community now get the legal right of same-sex marriage, which they have fought for throughout the years; on the other hand, some opponents of same-sex marriage have called for a constitutional change towards it. Although there were some countries that allowed gay marriage before the United States, in June 26, 2015 aRead MoreLgbt Rights On The Bathroom : It s A Big Deal Essay2363 Words   |  10 PagesTransgender Rights in the Bathroom: It’s a Big Deal Right now, in some states, transgender people are forbidden by the law to use the bathroom that they identify with. For some people, this comes as a shock; it is hard for them to believe that in modern society there are still such laws in place marginalizing a group of people. However, there are loud voices that still very much do not want to see transgender people protected by the law. In the age of human rights, in a country that claims to beRead MoreJust Vs. Unjust Essay1386 Words   |  6 Pagesguaranteed basic equal rights, but do these rights extend to all U.S. citizens? Honestly, they do not. Homosexuals have had their rights have been minimized or depleted since U.S. citizens can remember. It should not matter what ethnicity, sexuality, or religion you have; you deserve equal rights if you are a citizen of the U.S. because you pay the same taxes as everyone else in this country and are guaranteed the same rights under The Bill of Rights. Homosexuals can be charged with the s ame crime asRead MoreCalifornia s Statutory Prohibit Marriage949 Words   |  4 PagesQUESTION PRESENTED 1) Whether California’s statutory prohibit marriage between two persons of the same sex violate the California Constitution by denying equal protection of laws to gay, bi-sexual, lesbians and transgender a right to marry, or by denying the right to privacy and freedom of expression? BRIEF ANSWER No. Because the Constitution was written for a man and a woman to marry based on religion and would be a direct violation of what we have been taught all of our lives. Such a profound

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