Monday, June 24, 2019

Environmental Pollution Scenario Review and Summary Research Paper

Environmental contamination Scenario Review and Summary - Research Paper ExampleThe paper Environmental Pollution Scenario Review and Summary analyzes environmental contamination scenario. There are seven peaks we are to choose from as the budget allows to implement only 4 of them. Thus, when deciding which ones to choose, it is essential to use the method of elimination. In other words, it is important to define three measures, which are not very efficient and volition not bring appreciable results. First of all, it is encouraging carpooling. This measure is not efficient in the modern world, as all the people have cars. In any case, they would prefer to use their own cars instead of hold for a bus. People buy cars to make their way to work comfortable, because public transportation is not comfortable enough. This method could have been effective twenty age ago, but not now. Moreover, people want to be free and not to adjust to buses schedule. Buses will not be used by people, and the introduction of them will just add to the environmental pollution. The same can be stated about the encouraging of alternative transportation. People know pretty well that travel is useful for their health, but when they risk being late for work in the morning, they usually do not mean about this usefulness. Several extra legal proceeding spent drinking coffee in the morning are valuable for many people with an active way of life. They buy cars to have these extra minutes. Pollution control legislation for point sources also will not bring good results as people usually do not approve. of such laws and they do not work. The trouble is that such legislation demands much from the business owners and they prefer to actively reject such laws. The cruel laws of business make business owners think first of all about getting more income and reducing expenses, thus, there is very little chance that they would prefer to sacrifice their positions at the market in order to help sav e the environment. They prefer to consider such laws to be the measures taken to prevent them from conducting successful activity. It is essential not to issue the laws, but to act. quadruplet remaining items will really help reduce pollution, thus, the funds should be spent to implement them. The first important step is to establish green spaces or urban forestry. The development of the city demands building new houses and this usually requires eliminating some green spaces (Harding, 2006). However, if such a situation occurs, it is necessary to reimburse the losses by establishing new green spaces near the new building. The second essential step is to improve the roads as good roads help the cars make less outpourings. This is one of the most expensive measures, but it is very essential to implement it. Promoting fuel-efficient cars is a very important measure that is taken in almost all(prenominal) developed country today. Such measure really can help save our environment and reduce pollution. Certainly, it demands much expense, but the game is worth the candle. Fuel-efficient cars should be manufactured and widely used by the people to save our environment, thus, it is essential to encourage people to use them. The last essential step is random emission testing, and it will serve to evaluate the changes the first three

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