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The Memoirs of Lady Hyegyng Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Memoirs of dame Hyegyng - Essay ExampleThe first memoire of the book encompasses the life of her and which pictures her duties to both her natal family and to the royal family Choson Korea (1392- 1910) in detail.Her marriage to Sado, the crest prince made her filial to her martial family, but at the same time she showed her dutiful nature to her natal family. Her decision to commit suicide, in order to chase her deceased husband, is barred from her fathers instructions to look after her son who became vulnerable by the death of his father. The life of the Lady Hyegyngs duty towards her marital family can be seen by her servile nature to her husband, Sado, who was executed by the King Yongjo, his father. This incident marks as the beginning of her tragedies. Later, the princess puff Chongsuns reign made much harm to the social and political position of her family. She wanted to recover the lost position of her family and so when her son, Chongjo asc bared into throne she trie d and true her level best to regain the position of her family but the suspicion of disloyalty caused the death of Hong Inhan, Hong Ponghans younger brother. Later the problems could be solved by the involvement of Lady Hyegyng. Still the family did not overcome from the tragedies and so in 1801, Hong Nagim, younger brother of Lady Hyegyng was executed by the regent, Queen dowager. The reign of the grandson of Lady Hyegyng, Sunjo showed the end of hardships of her family, as the king was compassionate towards his grandmother. The writers, Hyegyonggung Hong Ssi and JaHyun Kim Haboush say that the Lady Hyegyngs filial duty towards her natal family had been shown in her wishes to be judged fairly and therefore in the first memoire she justifies her family and herself (Hong & Haboush 5). Lady Hyegyngs first memoire, addressed to the heir of her natal family, is rather a part of the cross section of both families in her life. The Choson family and Hong

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