Monday, July 22, 2019

Admitted to hospital Essay Example for Free

Admitted to hospital Essay As the days passed, Mr. Glen succeeded. Now he started to teach her how to use a typewriter. She picked up his instructions very quickly. In some days she became able to write ten words in one minute. Unfortunately she failed in her exams. She cried a lot because she thought that her work was totally dark but Mr. Glen tried to give her understanding that you could try again. He told her Your work wasnt dark. It was very psychedelic. Dont lose hope. You will get success someday. Near eight O clock in the evening suddenly they made a plan to go out to eat ice cream. When they reached the ice cream shop, Mr. Glen asked Lorraine to sit on the bench and he would be back with the ice cream. She agreed and Mr. Glen went towards the ice cream shop but at once he forgot every thing even about himself: who he was and why he come there. He went back to home but unfortunately Lorraine was waiting for him. Propitiously the teacher at Lorraines university was passing that street where Lorraine was sitting. He took Lorraine with him and dropped her in her home. Lorraine opened the door of her room; Mr.  Glen was sat there. Lorraine asked her why you left me there and return home? . Mr. Glen didnt reply because he didnt know what was going on. He started to forget every thing even Lorraine because of his old age. Lorraine got frightened that if her teacher forget every thing what would happen with her future. Her parents were able to understand her sign language so she spoke to her father about her teachers health. So Mr. Callam decided that he needed doctors treatment so he got admitted to hospital. Every evening Lorraine went to the hospital to meet her teacher. She had a hope that he would be cured eventually. Chapter 4 Now Lorraine is fourty years old. She had a graduation day at her university. The principal of her university announced that Lorraine is the pride of his university. He asked her to come on the stage to get an award by him for achieving graduation. At last she fulfilled the dream of her teacher Mr. Glen. Her principal told her to express her feelings. Her parents were also present there so her mother translated her signs for other people. She said I got this level just because of my honorable teacher Mr. Glen. He worked very hard and he spends his whole life towards making my future. He taught me manners, how to spend my life. Because of him, I learnt how to eat. He taught me all the things that were impossible. He taught me dark is not black. It is the colour of achievement, colour of knowledge. She told the audience that she wanted her teacher Mr. Glen to come there and look at her with her precious award but unfortunately he couldnt come. She said, If he came here I am sure that he would be happier than me because today I have completed his dream. Then Lorraine went to the hospital to show her award to Mr. Glen. She said to him Look at this award which you have wanted for fourty years. Today I have completed your dream. Unfortunately, he didnt remember anything. Now she started trying her best to give him his memorial. She thought that Mr. Glen was the best teacher in the whole world who taught her to achieve what was impossible. Moral: Nothing is impossible if we work hard!

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