Sunday, August 25, 2019

DISC Platinum Rule Profile Assessment Pt.2 Essay

DISC Platinum Rule Profile Assessment Pt.2 - Essay Example The sub styles of Steadiness styles are the Relater, the Specialist, the Go-Getter, and the Harmonizer. Similarly, the sub styles for Cautious styles include the Thinker, the Master-Minder, the Assessor, and the Perfecter. Behavioral Styles Dominance styles tend to be goal-focused and fast-paced. Dominance styles control other people, like to achieve goals and objectives, whereas Interactive styles are relationship focused and are friendly towards their relationships. The optimism of Interactive styles helps them build purposeful alliances with other people. Steadiness styles have strong social networks and are supportive individuals, whereas Cautious styles are systematic and analytical individuals, who like to solve problems by perfecting the processes and working towards concrete results. Impact on Entire Team Dominant styles are goal focused. They do not like delays and motivate the team members to work with full dedication in order to achieve the goals within time. Interactive s tyles are friendly and possess excellent communication skills, which help them work effectively as individuals and as groups as well. Steadiness styles are loyal employees and excellent team players, who achieve team goals in a successful manner. Cautious styles are reliable and deliberate decision-makers.

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