Monday, August 19, 2019

My Christian Life Essays -- essays research papers

My Christian Life has been â€Å"pleasurable pain† (I will explain what that refers to in detail later). I was born on June 9, 1984. I was blessed to be in a family of Christian. Therefore, I was destined to become a true follower of Christ. I was baptized on August 12 of that year at St. Rose De Lima. Most people say that from the moment I was blessed, I became a disciple of Jesus, a light bearer, but I believe I was a disciple for my Lord and Savior the moment I was born. I was conceived into a Christian family with a strong Christian background. I thank the Lord to this day for blessing me as He did. As it was when I was born and still to this day, I was brought to Church every Sunday. As an infant and a child, I did not understand the true meaning of this. I thought it was just a day I was force to wear â€Å"uncomfortable† clothes and told to be quite (even though I rarely did). I was like most other children, as are some teenagers, I did not want to go to Church. I would run, play sick or try to do anything I could to not attend Church. For this misunderstanding, I only can credit that to my ignorance of my faith. If you were not dying in my house you was presumed to go to Church even if you was not apart on our family. I remember one instance when I slept by a friend’s house and his family, unfortunately, was not a regular participant in Church (I think I knew this). My mother came and picked me up that morning to go to Church. I remember this moment in my life because it showed how strong my family was and will always be in Faith. As me being a Christian, I was taught in a Catholic School. I attended St. Leo the Great Elementary. There, I learned a broad description of my faith and why my faith entitled me to do and act a certain way. I receive my Holy Communion when I was in First Grade I believe. Even then, I did not really understand the true concept of what I embarked on. For this reason, I â€Å"kind of† go against receiving certain sacraments at a young age. Age is a vital part in the strength of our beliefs (a younger person may be weaker than an older one). How many young Christians â€Å"really† understand what they are doing or even saying? If a person does not understand what they are taking apart of, then why should they be included. Today, a person is read their rights and asked at the end, do you understand all of things that were being said. I believe th... away from me. I felt cheated. Until one day I talk to a friend of the family (we call him Uncle Jessey). He made me understand the cycle of death. After all the classes I have sat through dealing with my faith and all I have learned, nothing could have prepared me for this tragedy. I thank God for my Uncle Jessey kind words and for helping me to overcome my grandmother’s death. Another instance I remember is seeing Coach Deleica and Coach Griff at my grandmother’s funeral. At that moment I felt the true presence of my St. Augustine family. A couple of days ago, I attended my senior trip. When I first got there I was just glad to be out of class but as the day progressed I began to talk to God. I began to hear the music of the Lord. I felt lifted at the end of the day. After I leave Church, I always feel lifted (if I go to the right church). I attend St. Peter Claver Church. St. Peter Claver is a predominant black church. It has a gospel type of choir. Mass is last a minimum of 90 minutes. Without this service I would not be able to go on with life. â€Å"I hope that God will forever keep blessing me and watch over my love ones and friends,† St. Joseph and St. Augustine Pray For Us.

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