Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Is One Responsible for His or Her Emotions Essay

Is One Responsible for His or Her Emotions - Essay Example I agree with the philosophers because when people fail to control their emotions, problems always come up. The individuals who manage to control their emotions always have a reason for doing so. This implies that individuals should be responsible for their emotions.Emotions also play a role of reason. The philosophers argue that reason is very vital in emotions since it plays a superior role.  Ã‚   The philosophers are right when they affirm that passion must be a slave of reason. This is because it will enable the individuals to control their emotions. I agree with Solomon Robert when he asserts that sometimes people are not careful with their emotions and regard them as mere feelings of physiology. Sometimes people refer to emotions as stupidity and being inhuman. When an individual expresses his or her feelings through anger and jealousy, for instance, he or she is regarded as inhuman.   It is right to say that emotional reactions are associated with virtues of true wisdom whe never an individual has a reason for experiencing a particular feeling. When an individual offers a reason for his or her feeling, it proves that he or she is responsible for his or her emotions.It is correct to say that the philosophers who come up with the theories are human beings, who use their personal feelings to justify the theories of emotion.   This is because all individuals have had an inner experience of passion. There has been a dispute between the philosophers and the psychologists in addressing the issue of emotions. According to Solomon Robert, an individual is able to experience inner emotions and passions that are usually revealed through his or her feelings, desires, sentiments, moods, and attitude (Solomon, 1999).   Outward forces can also make an individual express a particular emotional reaction. This aspect is dependent on the social, ethical, cultural, and psychological factors. People display certain emotions based on the prevailing conditions; thus, the y are responsible for their emotions.

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