Friday, August 2, 2019

How Nirvana Changed the World Essay

In the late eighties music was going through a big change. People wanted something new, something exciting, especially the younger generation. No more soft melodies and pop music like Duran Duran and Madonna. In these changing times a very special band called Nirvana came on the music scene. Three young man from Seatlle, Washington – Kurt Cobain on vocals and on guitar, Krist Novoselic on bass and Dave Grohl on drums – they were everything people yearned for, but didn? t even knew it. With long hair, washed-up jeans and ? I don’t give a f†¦? ttitude people wanted to see more. They defied authority with rough sound later defined as Grunge – a mixture of metal and punk rock. Their lyrics gave a whole generation meaning, hope and something to aspire to. If you look at most of the bands and singers of the eighties, you see a certain type of look; very polished, man with top buttons of their shirts opened – kind of a macho look. The girls had big hair and small, tight outfits that don’t leave much to the imagination. But in the end of the decade there was a new look, changing the standards. Really long, neglected hair, light jeans full of holes and so washed-up that it was hard to recognize their color. In around the year 1989 this look became known as the Grunge look. Nirvana looked and acted like they were nothing important, just three regular guys and if it weren’t for that image they would have never got such a sensation as they did. Completely different from their look was their sound, their music. Well played choruses combined with excellent long solo? s, this was something to hear. According to Cobain, the sound came first and the lyrics followed. With songs containing lyrics like ? Here we are now, entertain us? , ? I? m so ugly, but its okay ? cause so are you? and ? When I swear that I don’t have a gun? you would think people wouldn’t relate. But they did and sung along from the top of their lungs on concerts. One of the things that made them sound so good is the fact that Kurt, who wrote most of the bands music and lyrics poured his heart and soul into every song. When their second album Nevermind came out in 1991, the band became an instant global success story. They changed from an underground band playing in bars and small halls to an international sensation that booked big tours all around the world. Although they were famous now, had a lot of money and fans something was still missing for Kurt. If you compare their early years to the year 1993 or 94 you can see Kurt? s transformation. From an enthusiastic and charming person became a sad, lonely individual who had seemed to lose his spirit and was in a lot of pain. Many people believe that was due to drugs he was using, but I think there were many contributing factors to his fading character. It is recognized that his marriage to Courtney Love, who was also a musician, just less successful one, had a lot to contribute to his state of mind. Love is a person who craves constant attention and the finest things in life like expensive clothes and jewelry, big houses and non-stop excitement, partying. People say that opposites attract (and so did Kurt in Milk It), but that was one strange couple with a stormy marriage filled with public disputes and scandals. I? m starting to believe that such different people shouldn’t be together despite their attraction towards one another. Due to all these factors and many more Kurt ended his life with a shotgun to the head in April of 1994. For a short time of five years Nirvana was on the top and had the world in its palms. Most people agree that they inspired a whole generation with their music and their charisma. Only every once in a while comes a band like this, which has the complete package that just looks and sound perfect. It is sometimes said that Kurt was a spoiled child, who couldn’t take the circus that comes with fame, so he took the cowards way out and ended his life, leaving his loved ones behind. In my opinion he was a great man who suffered from problems like everyone else and being in the constant spotlight just made things worse. People who liked them will always remember that funny trio that did a difference on the music scene. When I listen to their records, I get the feeling that I can do great things, everything I want and much more. It doesn’t matter where you come from or how you look, you are something special, something unique. At least, that is how I understand and interpret their message towards the world.

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