Friday, September 13, 2019

Answer 9 questions Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Answer 9 questions - Assignment Example ironic, in that in its translation, it means It is sweet and glorious, while the actual theme of the story is to present the horrific incidence of a chemical weapon attack on a British soldier, who was unable to put on a protective gas mask. Referring to such a poem as sweet and glorious, yet presenting and condemning the horrific incidences of World War I is pure irony (660). 3. The point of view in the short poem â€Å"Death of the Ball Turret Gunner,† changes at the end, to indicate how the society loses interest in an individual after death, even after having considered them useful during their lifetime (652). 4. The flea in John Donne’s poem, â€Å"The Flea†, is an extended metaphor, which is used in this poem to represent sexual encounter (847), making the blood of the two individuals involved mingle and end up as one, through the divine act of nature where a child is formed, which the individuals cannot control. 5. The theme of â€Å"To His Coy Mistress† compares to that of â€Å"The Flea† in that, both poems present the theme of love. The narrators of these poems want to present their case for love, where the women they are in love with do not seem to satisfy their desires for intimacy (981). Both of these poems are an argument to the end, since the narrators are consistently presenting their interests to their love partners who do not seem to cater for such interest adequately. 6. The comparison in the treatment of fairy tales in the poems, â€Å"Snow White,† and â€Å"Cinderella is that, the beautiful girls, who actually belong to the throne, are mistreated by their stepmothers after the death of the queens, who were their mothers. However, due to their beauty, they eventually ended up being married by the kings of these thrones and become queens. The contrast is that while the girl in Cinderella is married by his father, the one in snow white is married by his stepbrother. The writers make the tales more realistic through having the mistreated girls

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