Thursday, September 26, 2019

Skill Acquisition Worksheet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Skill Acquisition Worksheet - Essay Example Therefore, perfect coordination of footwork is very essential to reach the target. Gross body coordination: the body is in continuous motion during the play. Therefore, the movement of hand, eye, foot and back should be coordinated to hit the stroke at the right place and the right time. Stamina: undoubtedly, tennis is the sport that requires the greatest stamina. Therefore in order to sustain the energy level, breathing and cardiovascular effort is very important in addition to physical fitness. The information-processing theory basically tells about the cognitive development of an individual. The leaning of new things by the human mind is analyzed in this theory, which states that the sensory preceptors of the human mind receives information, which is then encoded and analyzed based on the perceptions and past experiences. This information is then stored in short term or long term memory depending on the nature of information. Whenever, a person learns new things, first he retrieves the previous information on the basis of which, he/she constructs new strategy to learn new things. a. ANTICIPATION: the information-processing theory helps an individual to take responsive action in course of particular situation. This response/decision is made on the basis of anticipation. Anticipation can be classified into two types: acceptor anticipation and receptor anticipation. Acceptor anticipation tells how much time an individual will take to coordinate the movement of his/her limbs. While receptor anticipation estimates the time required by a particular event to happen. The ability to anticipate the time and motion correctly is heavily dependent on past experiences and training. Human mind processes information/stimuli stored in short term and long term memory which is used to anticipate the information present in the environment on the basis of which the interceptor actions/responses are

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