Thursday, September 12, 2019

Comparison and Contrast between 1688 and 1988 Essay

Comparison and Contrast between 1688 and 1988 - Essay Example The researcher of this essay states that while there have been some significant changes in how people live their daily lives from 1688 to 1988, society in general has not changed all that much. To conclude, the researcher mentiones most significant comparative observations he came up with while researching the topic. Firstly, he states in the essay that both years saw the world’s civilizations perched on the very edge of a prodigious expansion around the globe with a tremendous mingling of cultures, belief systems and economic activities. Secondly, both have seen the world’s poorest peoples taken advantage of for the economic gain of greedy and already prosperous nations with better access to technology and education. Thirdly, both have seen a redefinition and constant developing of society, with a blurring of those concepts that had once been considered absolute and the admittance of shades of grey into the discussion. However, while religious differences and big corpo rative business have continued to emerge as the two most difficult issues to overcome in working toward a more harmonious and peaceful world, the researcher suggests that both 1688 and 1988 saw events emerging that would encourage greater dialogue among the various factions, countries, cultures and genders as greater efforts are made nowadays towards bringing about world peace and increasing acknowledgement among the populace of the world that there might be more than just one answer to the world’s greatest questions.

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