Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Do you think high school students should be required to serve one year Essay

Do you think high school students should be required to serve one year of community service - Essay Example I feel students who volunteer may perform better in school. Looking at statistics I found that students who were required to do volunteer work in high school were twenty-two percent more likely to finish college. Twenty-two may seem a small number, but when it comes to being able to complete college I think it matters greatly. The same study also found these same students were able to improve their grades in several academic areas, such as reading, science and math. Being able to perform well in school is very important as it can affect a person’s future career (CIRCLE). The second reason I feel community service in high school is important is because it will bring about a good work ethic for students. Some students have part time jobs during school, while others do not. I would think it could give a student a sense of accomplishment. The student would be able to see firsthand what it is like to work and help others. Students would not be paid for their work, but it would help them appreciate payment all the more when they do someday have a job. I think it would be good if the schools would give students a wide range of choices regarding where they would volunteer. Students who are considering what careers they are interested in may have the opportunity to volunteer at a place that may be in relation to their career aspirations.

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