Thursday, October 17, 2019

Explanatory essay assignment sheet marijuana and tobaco

Explanatory assignment sheet marijuana and tobaco - Essay Example Most governments in the world set big budgets to fight smoking habits instead of using the funds in other sectors that can improve the general lifestyles of their citizens. This paper analyses the relationship between marijuana and tobacco as well as their respective effects on human health. Smoking marijuana and tobacco have almost similar effects and characteristics in terms of their usage and consequences. The majority of smokers begin smoking at teenage and the addiction intensifies when they become adults and at this stage, it becomes very difficult to quit the habit (Williams and Williams 327). People smoke for different reasons such as the need for adolescent to look mature, peer influence and finally to try out. The fact that most old people such as parents and relatives smoke lures the children also to smoke so that they can also look mature. Children may at times be involved in smoking if they see their friends and their peers smoke perhaps to be accepted. People have the tendency of experimenting prohibited things so that they can actually find out the reason for it being outlawed. Parents and the government normally prohibit smoking among children hence making the children sneak away and smoke (Malmberg et al. 1512-1520). It is however interesting to note that grown-ups smoke for some reasons different from the children such as relieving them from stress and pressures due to economic or personal problems. Adults feel that smoking make them feel relaxed or boost their energy as they undergo difficulties such as family burdens or relationship challenges. Adolescent stage is the right age of ascertaining whether a child will be a heavy smoker or not by paying much attention on their behaviors (Williams and Williams 327). Marital status according to the HSCIC plays a significant role in smoking where most smokers are reported to be divorced, separated, or unmarried. However,

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