Friday, October 18, 2019

GMO the Necessary Evil Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

GMO the Necessary Evil - Essay Example The discussion of whether Genetically Modified Organisms are good or bad for consumption can go on without a conclusion. My goal in this paper is to bring out both the negative and positive effects genetically modified organisms have and to show how essential they are. To achieve this goal, we shall start by looking at the negative or the health risks associated with genetically modified organisms citing evidence from different authors, and then I will discuss the reason why genetically modified foods were introduced and why I think they are a necessary evil. Now that we have introduced GMOs, let us look at the health risks associated with this kind of food. Although Genetically Modified Organisms were introduced in 1996, their side effects on human health have already been noticed; there have been increased reports of allergic reaction, toxic hazards (Wald and Michael 46). These side effects may be seen as minimal, the most worrying are the long term effects which may be more drastic. Children with life threatening allergies are associated with GMOs increased intake. There have been 37 reported deaths of people associated with the side effects of GMOs (Smith 258). Moreover GMOs have been associated with birth defects, stillbirth, infertility, cancers and miscarriages (Bodiguel 45). Researchers claim that glyphosphate found in GMO are the cause of malformation chicken embryos and these effects were evident to human birth defects in areas associated with genetically modified soy production. To be precise the researchers found malformation of the head were the new borne had a single eye (Wald and Michael 44). With long term exposure to genetically modified organisms the dataƃ‚  relating to the diverse effects will only increase as we continue to feed on GMOs without giving thought the negative effects they can have on our health and reproduction of future

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