Friday, October 18, 2019

Morality and Ethics Essay Topic Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Morality and Ethics Topic - Essay Example A person can be classified as a good or bad on the basis of his ethical and moral values. Generally ethics and morality can be interchanged as they are almost identical on the basis of the concept that they hold. Ethics and morality is that important of life without which the life would be all messed up and confused; as it boldly demarcates between the good and evil conducts. A person cannot spend his entire life without being able to differentiate between what is right and wrong. For a person to spend a life that is balanced and complete and such that others can be benefitted from it and he himself can feel satisfied and contended with his doings and ultimately his entire life it is necessary that he must be able to differentiate and recognize the right and wrong or evil in his life and he must be able to distinguish between the practices and conducts that must be followed and adopted and which must be avoided or abstained from (Pojman, 56). In this world there are many goods and ev ils present and we are surrounded by them at all times and it all depends on us that which practices attract and appeal us and how we would prefer to spend our life. Usually the goods are difficult to adopt and follow but once we adopt them it does not remain difficult on the contrary the evils that are present in the society and all around us are no doubt very attractive and appealing, in fact they are like magnetic forces which attract the people towards them and the people who get attracted are doomed for their entire life (Hauser, 102-105). In the beginning it all seems good and composed but slowly and gradually the person realizes that he has destroyed the peace, calm, serenity in his life by opting for the wrong deeds. A person who chooses to adopt the bad will not be able to come out of the world of bad deeds and his entire life gets destroyed; however a person who has a very strong will to get rid of all bad deeds and doings can manage to get out of this mess after a very lo ng and tiring struggle. This means it is not impossible to get out of the darkness (Pojman, 89). An important fact is that people get confused in understanding and distinguishing between the good and bad. The evil has so gained so much strength that the most obvious things around us that have become a routine for us are bad but owing to our routine observation we do not consider it bad or evil and feel no harm in adopting them. The goods and evils of the society have been defined by the people themselves. The acts and conducts that bring about peace and calm in one’s life and also the acts that are beneficial in some way or the other for the people or the society are considered as good deeds or good conducts and those acts which snatch away all the happiness in the life of a person, resulting in darkness in one’s life and the acts that bring harm or damage to the society or the people are considered as evils. There is no rule book or book of code of conducts for the pe ople to follow. The people learn and get to know about these conducts as they move on in their lives. The elderly and experienced people can serve as a guide for all the people and guide the people to what is good and what is evil. As a person grows and enters the age of maturity he himself becomes capable of sorting out matters and classifying them as good and evil. The ability of

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